Taiwan Learning Trip Day 4 — Vigor Kobo

Today was the last day of our journey and we visited Vigor Kobo,a company that specialises in traditional Chinese pastries making. We went to its Dream Factory in Taipei and we were immediately greeted by an adorable mascot. Say hello to Mr Pineapple Tart and welcome to his factory!


Once we entered the factory, we saw this giant pineapple tart. It was actually an escalator that could lead us to the second storey. What was amazing was that we smelled pineapple tart in the escalator!



Once we reached level two, we were led to a room where we watched a 3D story of Pineapple. The reason why pineapple is so popular in Taiwan is because it’s believed to bring fortune and prosperity to the family. Although the graphic was good, I couldn’t wait to get out of the room which was too small to accommodate all of us. :p It made me feel rather giddy as the video was right in front of my face!



I didn’t enjoy the video, but I surely enjoyed the next part– tart tasting! The pineapple tarts were freshly baked by these machines. It was so fragrant and so tasty!



We even had a chance to DIY our own pineapple tarts! Actually the dough and the fillings were prepared by the company in advance. They smelled really good and I just couldn’t wait to taste my own creations! >..<



When I was waiting for our pastries to be baked, I saw this very special pineapple tarts. It’s actually made after the shape of the Taiwan Island! What a thoughtful idea and what an interesting gift!


I think what makes the company so appealing is that if focuses a lot on marketing and branding. All the pastries are all nicely packaged to look really cute and cultural at the same time. The mascots further add colours to the brand to make it look young, adorable and approachable. To be frank, the taste of the pastries isn’t particularly fantastic. But the company’s incredible marketing effort has made it a well-known brand! And you should definitely come and check it out and DIY your own pineapple tarts. 🙂

The DIY course with factory tour costs 250 TWD ($8 USD) per person. It’s really a wonderful way to spend your time with your friends or family here!

Find out more about Vigor Kobo here: http://www.vigorkobo.com/en_version/index.php

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