Taiwan Learning Trip Day 3 — L’elan & Les Enphants

After a delightful breakfast, we went to visit L’elan, the first company in Taiwan that specialises to cater innovation products to the elderly based on their needs. The founder, Mr Chang, was inspired to set up the business by his father, who suffered from diabetes more than 10 years ago. During that time, he was unable to find any suitable shoes or other necessary products for his father, whose feet had swollen due to the illness. As the result, he felt the need to open a business and to serve the ageing populations.

Once we entered the store, we were amazed by the wide variety of products that it offers. Although they don’t seem to be special from far, once you look closely, you will realise that they are all thoughtfully designed with the elderly in mind.


The product may look like an umbrella to you, but it’s actually a combination of an umbrella with a walking stick.



This beautiful necklace is actually a magnifying glass, allowing the elderly to look dignified when using the products.


It’s really heart warming to see how the organisation’s value – to make the elderly feel respected, is ingrained in every single aspect. The staff has to go through professional training Care-Fit, which teaches them how to serve elderly, before they can serve actual customer in store. It even has e-commerce which allows people who are overseas to make online purchases. You can visit www.ez66.com.tw to find out more.

The same afternoon, we went to visit Les Enphants tour factory. Les Enphants is one of Taiwan’s largest companies that cater high quality products for baby and children. The concept of tour factory is to let customers have a deeper understanding of products that the company produces. At the same time, the tour helps to facilitate family bonding as there are a lot of activities which encourage parents and their children to take part together.

Once we entered the factory, we were greeted by many adorable elephants which are the mascots of the company. Everything was so lovely, no wonder parents always bring their children to visit here during their holidays.



After the factory tour, we were brought to DIY room where we could design our own bags. The bag had a lot of empty space for us to unleash our creativity. If we run out of idea, we could always fall back to these little models which enable us to easily outline the shapes.



These crayons are also specially produced for colouring and will not fade off with washing. Tada! My designer bag was finally ready! Alright it looks rather childish as I’m not good at drawing. >..<



What impressed me the most is their marketing strategy. Every year, Les Enphants holds Baby Sports Day when every baby gets to “compete” with each other. The competition ranges from crawling, walking to riding contest. The event attracts more than 100,000 people every year, as parents and grandparents are all eager to have a wonderful family outing.


Many people documented the event through social media and blogs. Just by one campaign, Les Enphants is able to garner so much attention and publicity, and that’s really amazing!

That night, we went to a Vampire themed restaurant for dinner. The decorations were very interesting and the waitresses were very “scary”.





IMG_5196Everything was entertaining until the food came. It was really weird for a Vampire restaurant to serve Chinese food! And what’s worse, the food wasn’t nice at all! I wouldn’t recommend you to go unless you are going there plainly for the atmosphere. ;p

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