Taiwan Learning Trip Day 2 — Formosa Chang & Le new

Today we went to savour Taiwan’s most delicious Lu Rou Rice 鲁肉饭 (minced pork rice) – Formosa Chang. The owner of Formosa Chang is a very visionary leader. In these fifty decades, Mr Chang has transformed the street-side food store to Taiwan’s largest company which specialises in minced pork rice and other local delights. Today, Formosa Chang has close to 50 stores in Taiwan.


What is so amazing about Mr Chang is his ability to foresee the future trends and take the risk to implement changes. He is the first local food store to install air-conditioning in the 1970s, the first to implement Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) as he sought to open 10 stores in 1970s, an ambition that none of the local food stores could imagine of during that time.




His stringent standard towards food quality and safety is another reason why people love to dine at his restaurants. The signature dish, minced pork rice, is really soft, fragrant and tasty. The minced pork and rice blends so well together that they literally melt inside your mouth! The other side dishes are very delicious too! What’s more they are very affordable, making them a very worthy meal!


They even designed these special packages of minced pork source, so that you can prepare the mouth-watering dish at home! All you have to do is to heat up the packet and eat with rice. One package costs 150 TWD ($5 USD) and is able to serve 5 people.



After a fulfilling lunch at Formosa Chang, we head to the next destination — La new. La new is a shoe making company that strives to provide high-end and comfortable shoes for customers. Before we hit to its store, we went to the factory to learn more about its shoemaking procedures.


The company focuses a lot on R&D and has a wide range of machinery to ensure the quality of its shoes. The shoes will undergo repetitive testing before they can be launched to the market. They even have shoe customisation for people who have problematic foot.

Another very interesting product is odourless sock. Its antibacterial technology enables it to remain odourless for 7days! It’s really perfect for people who have stinky foot problem or people who are lazy to change socks everyday!

Le New also focuses a lot on customer service. The retail staffs were very polite and professional. It even has a mini bar inside the store to serve customers hot coffee or tea!


That night, we had dinner at DinTai Fung, the most famous Chinese restaurant that caters Xiao Long Bao (Chinese Dumpling Bun). The food really lives up to its name as it’s very delicious! The staffs were also very friendly and attentive. You should definitely try it if you visit Taiwan!


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