Taiwan Learning Trip Day 1 — Wang Steak

It was very fortunate of me to be able to visit Taiwan again. And this time, I went together with many people from various retail and F&B companies as a part of learning journey. It was indeed an incredible experience as I got to see how successful Taiwan companies such as Wang Steak and Formosa Chang run their businesses and understand the reasons behind their success.

Soon after we touched down, we head straight to Wang Steak – one of the most famous steak houses in Taiwan.


Once we reached there, we were greeted by many friendly staff. The store was very well decorated to bring out a sense of royalty and class.



The Taiwanese focus a lot on customer service and Wang Steak is no exception. The waiter served us extremely well during our 6 course meals. The whole set cost 1340 TWD ($45 USD) and they offer a wide variety of choices from starters to desserts! It’s really worth it as a meal like this in Singapore could easily cost more than $100 USD.

Here were the lovely dishes I had and every one of them was so delicious!







Wang Steak also focused on the dressings of the plate too. It’s more than just food, it’s an art for you to enjoy. What impressed me the most is that they pay a lot of attentions on details. As I ordered lamb shank which could easily dirty my hands if I were to eat in a “barbaric” way, they offered me some small pieces of aluminium foil to wrap around the bone, so that I could hold and eat with elegance! They even helped me cut the meal into pieces so that it was easier for me to eat!


They also prepared a lovely gift for all of us — an elegant porcelain mug with a delicate rose. Before I left the store, I also saw these two lovely balloons and I was wondering what were they doing here. Apparently, they were made by the staff in the restaurant as gifts to children. These are the little surprises that Wang Steak does that make you feel special.



I will definitely come back again with my loved ones to enjoy the special moment together!

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